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About Pepop’s Woodshop

“Pepop” is two-year old for “Granpop”.  I didn’t get to choose my own name over 60 years ago, and I guess the same holds true now. HA !

As a boy in high school, I was bound and determined to get into one of my country’s “Ivy League” universities and start a successful career in business.  But en route to that dream, as a senior in high school, I stumbled across a freshman class in woodworking. And I was hooked.

Over the last 50 years or so, in between raising a family and managing that business career, I kept my toe in the craft as much as I could, but it wasn’t enough… and when the opportunity came to get serious, I jumped at it.

Now, in my should’ve-been-retired-by-now years, I am a supervisor a one of the nation’s leading brick and morter and online woodworking retailers, Rockler.  I also make and sell products from my own woodshop, affectionaly called Pepop’s Woodshop.

Welcome!  I sincerely hope you find something that makes your eyes open up just a bit wider.

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