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  1. Jory McDaniel

    Hi Ian. I was looking for a way to “Follow” your WordPress but I couldn’t find the option that is usually at the top of the screen on the left hand side which says what blog you’re on, and then “Follow” next to it. I’ve had the chance to read through everything on here, and I must say it’s all quite fascinating. Thanks for giving me the link to such an interesting blog.

  2. R. Ian Davis

    Hey Jory,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Look at the top right of the screen to the five thumbnails. They are links to my YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels. The final one is for you to receive an RSS feed to my site. Any time a change is made to the site, you’ll be notified according to the method you choose.

    I hope that helps!

    Grace & Truth & Peace,


  3. R. Ian Davis

    BTW, when the RSS feed screen opens up, the choices are to the right. My preference is to receive updates in my mail software (which for us Mac people is Apple Mail, for you it might be Outlook or something else). You may prefer a different notification method.


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