SutterWilliams Friends:

I am very sorry but the guidance I received from Joe the IT Guy was very imprecise.  I have taken some time to figure out how to actually log in to a computer at the office.  The following revised instructions should work (they worked for me).  I hope you haven’t spent any time on this, yet.  If so, I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you.

Cheers, Ian

Type into your browser. You will be presented with this:

Type in your usual username and password.  Leave the domain as tcslaw.local

Once logged in, you will be presented with this:

If you have a Windows computer at home select the top choice.

If you have a Mac, select the second choice.

Work through the process of installing this software.  If you’ve installed software before, you won’t be surprised by any of the requests.  If not, you may be asked to enter your own home computer’s username & password to install new software.

After WatchGuard is installed, run (a.k.a. ‘launch’) this software.  You will get a screen that looks like this (except that the ‘server’ box will be empty):

Enter “” in the server box, and your usual login credentials in the next two.  Choose whatever you want for “automatically reconnect” and “remember password”, but remember, if you choose to select “remember password”, you are responsible for the security of your home computer when it connects to SutterWilliams.

When you hit ‘connect’, your screen will look like this for a second (except it will say “connecting” not “connected”) and then you’ll be connected as this graphic indicates:

Then you will need to install and run a program from Microsoft called Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).  For Windows users, I believe it comes with your computer (if not, you can get it by clicking this link).  For Mac users, go to the AppStore at this link to get it.

By now you’re an expert at installing software, so hopefully that goes well.  After you install it, launch it. When you launch RDC, you’ll get an invitation to add a PC.  Click “Add PC”.

You will be given a screen like this:

In PC name, enter the IP address for your computer from the bulleted list below.  In “Friendly name:” you can give it a friendly name like “Toni’s Work Computer”, or something like that.  Then click “Add” at the bottom.

The IP Address are the four numbers separated by a dot:

  • Deanna:
  • Denise:
  • Kathryn:
  • Mary:
  • Shari:

You’ll now have a new connection to your computer (see image below) but you still need to activate that connection.

To activate the connection, double click on the image, and you’ll be asked to authenticate (that is, give your username and password), and click ‘continue’.

You might get a warning like this:

Don’t worry. Just click ‘continue’.

Then you’ll be given a fullscreen view of your desktop at work and you can work as usual.  In the screenshot below, you are looking at the world-famous Elijah Fleming!

That’s it!  If you have any questions, just text or call me on my cell phone (from which you received the original text to this webpage).