I started my new job today.  A school bus driver.  So far it’s great.  Entirely because of a little girl.

Let me start at the beginning.

I’m training to get my CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) which takes a while due to a number of written and practical tests.  I probably won’t have the CDL for another 3-4 weeks, but in the meantime, my employer is using me to fill in when the drivers of smaller minivans (for which a CDL is not required) are not available or are assigned to other routes.

So today I was asked to pick up Isabella, a little autistic girl of 5-7 years old  and take her to a school some forty-five minutes away.  Apparently it is because is well equipped to support autistic children.  Well, I arrived at her home, and her father helped her out of the house and into the minivan.  I have never seen so much pink and purple on one human being in my life :)… including round pink-framed eye -glasses with lenses so thick you could start a campfire on a cloudy day!

All the way from Isabella’s home (“Bella” to those who know her) to the school I didn’t speak to her.  You know, that awkward feeling like, “what do I say to this kid?”  “Does she even understand what I’m saying?”  “How do I interpret her gibberish?” etc., etc.  So I said nothing.

But Isabella was not so accommodating.  For forty-five minutes straight, she sang, and cooed, and giggled, and screamed.  They were some of the most adorable sounds I’ve ever heard.

With all of the so-called “important” things I’ve done in my life, with all of the exotic places I’ve worked and traveled, none of my jobs has brought me so close to the heart of Jesus as driving little Bella to school.

So there you have it:  Day 1


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