NRA: Refuse To Be A Victim

PARTIAL DAY OF FLEXIBLE DURATION – $25 – $50 (depending upon course design)

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a highly customizable non-shooting course designed to increase awareness and provide tips on how to prevent crime from happening to you and those you love.  It is designed as a medium to large group (25+ attendees) format.

What You Will Learn

Note: This is a complete list of the subject areas from which a specific class may be developed. This complete list represents approximately a four hour class.  Actually duration may vary.

I. The Psychology of Criminal Predators
You will learn:

  1. How criminals think
  2. What you can change… and what you can’t
II: Mental Preparedness
You will learn:

  1. Levels of awareness
  2. Mental conditioning
  3. Ramification and outcomes


III: Physical Security
You will learn about:

  1. Awareness, intuition, mindset and boundaries
  2. Using automated teller machines (ATMs)
  3. Walking
  4. Using elevators
  5. Using buses and subways
  6. Being cautious with briefcases, purses and wallets
  7. Public safety
  8. Personal alarms
  9. Self-defense physical training
IV: Home Security
You will be learn about: 

  1. Doors, windows and locks
  2. Lighting
  3. Shrubbery
  4. Alarms
  5. Security cameras
  6. Dogs
  7. Keys
  8. Home defense plan and safe room
  9. Visitors
  10. Revealing your schedule
  11. Mailbox services
V: Automobile Security
You will be learn about:

  1. Approaching, entering and exiting your car
  2. Dealing with breakdowns
  3. Reacting to an accident
  4. Reacting to a police car (marked or unmarked)
  5. Hitchhickers and strangers
  6. Dealing with road rage
  7. Vehicle theft prevention devices
  8. Carjacking
VI: Out-of-town Travel Security
You will be learn about:

  1. Airport Security
  2. Automobile Rentals
  3. Taxis and private hire vehicles
  4. Public transportation
  5. Accommodations
  6. Traveling to a foreign  city
  7. Don’t Forget back home
VI: Technologica Security
You will be learn about:

  1. Phone security
  2. Identity (personal information) theft
  3. Cyber fraud – electronic theft on the Internet
  4. Cyberstalking or cyberbullying – stalking via the Internet
VIII: Special Modules
  1. In the Workplace
    1. Basic measures
    2. Working alone
    3. Interacting with co-workers
    4. Workplace  violence
    5. Miscellaneous
  2. Parents and Children
    1. From pre-school through high school
      1. Protecting young children (pre-school through elementary school)
      2. Protecting older children (middle school through high school)
    2. College Students – staying safe on campus
  3. Senior Citizens and Persons With Physical Disabilities
    1. Background and scope
    2. Personal protection devices
    3. inside your home
    4. Outside your home
    5. Travel tips
    6. Abuse
    7. Financial abuse
    8. Using local government agencies and services
IX: Special Section: Domestic Violence and Stalking
You will learn about:

  1. Resources to help deal with domestic violence and stalking

What You Will Receive