Larry, Bella’s regular driver, got dragged to another route.  That gave me the opportunity to spend another day with Bella… Yippie!  (Larry is none to happy, I’m sure :))

As you might imagine, Day 2 with Bella was just a good as Day 1.

When I dropped her off last time, I figured out from a remark her mother made, that Bella likes country music – now that’s my kinda girl!  So today, I turned on Y108 (one of our local country stations) and Bella and I started off on another road trip.  But this time, I got up the courage to say a few things to her.  Like “Good morning, Bella”, and “Looking forward to school, today, Bella?”

Yeah, I know.  I’m a scintillating conversationalist.  That’s why I’m pursuing the affections of a five-year old… 🙂

So, I listened to Bella’s beautiful singing again (if that’s what it is… it kind of sounds like singing to me…), and sat in the Barnes & Noble bookstore waiting for her school day to end before I drove her home.

We had an uneventful drive home, a little mindless banter between her and me, and eventually drove up to her mom’s waiting arms.

Ah, another glorious day with Bella.