Well, the saga of Ian the Bus Driver continues.  Today, I was given an other route to cover.  This time, in addition to the children, I was accompanied by a woman whose responsibility it is to care for the special needs children if there is a problem such as a seizure.  Her name is Barb, and she is a lovely Christian woman of a little over 65 (you’re allow to tell a woman’s age when she’s over sixty five… at that point, I think it becomes a badge of honor :)).

During the trip to pick up the children and take them to school, Barb and I immediately began chatting about our lives in Christ and the joy that each of us shared.  She told me about her family, and I told her about mine.

During the intervening three hours between drop off and pickup, I washed the school van, vacuumed it and detailed the inside (after all I couldn’t let my new lady-friend drive in the filthy school bus, now could I?).  During this time I also learned that this would be my regular route for the balance of the school year.

So, praise the Lord!  I now have a regular gig, Monday to Friday.  Now, it doesn’t pay much, but my needs are pretty modest.  In fact, in a future post I should tell you about the transition from my “old life” to my “new life”…  TTFN.

Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering… Barb loved her spankin’ clean bus 🙂